To be East Africa’s most preferred security gadgets provider as well as security consultants.

Romag Mission

Through understanding and meeting our customers' needs, we shall advice and secure their properties with the latest reliable and affordable innovative technology.

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Romag Company Limited

ROMAG Company Ltd hereafter abbreviated as ROMAG is fully registered in accordance with the company registration Act of Kenya. The company deals with sale and supply of security devices such as car trackers, Car alarms, child/luggage tracker, CCTV, car parking sensor, house security etc, installation of the same gadgets and after sales services which include servicing and maintenance of the already installed gadgets.

The company also deals with small and medium machineries, mainly the power tools. For the last five years, we have sold thousands of security accessories in Kenya. During this period we have acquired competent skills to handle large volumes of work and challenges professionally. Our gadgets reliability, durability and affordability is tried and tested hence a notable prove of our commitment of being a world class Asset security provider.

Our sales offices are situated in Nairobi at Morningside Office Park along Ngong road, Jooi Centre Kikuyu Town, Mombasa at Macknon service station and Nakuru at Malindi dishes house and currently working for two branches at Kisumu and Eldoret.

The source of our gadgets is Hong Kong, Shenzhen in China. The gadgets have been inspected and approved by Government Inspection Service Department (GIS) CHINA through Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). Copies of KEBS certificate and company certificate are at the back of this booklet. The success rate of the gadgets is at 99.8%.