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Through understanding and meeting our customers' needs, we shall advice and secure their properties with the latest reliable and affordable innovative technology.

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Where all the mail-streamers, and those carrying travellers between North America, China, Japana.

Tracking Services


  • Vehicle current location. This is Real time tracking where you are able to know the location of your vehicle every minute, 24/7
  • Ignition cut off. You can be able to switch off the engine any time via an SMS and restart at will.
  • Spy mic. voice surveillance. You can listen to a conversation of the people on board
  • Panic button. It has a button which can be pressed in case of danger. This sends an automatic message to your selected mobile numbers.
  • Trip detectors. It can give you the history of movements
  • Speed detector. The tracker can be set in such a way that when the vehicle surpasses a particular speed limit, a text message is sent to your phone
  • Geo fencing. This helps to alert you in case the vehicle is driven outside a particular marked geographical area. Either it automatically sends you an alert SMS or it automatically switches off the engine.
  • Periodic find. The tracker is set in such a way that after some minutes or hours, it automatically sends to you the current location of your vehicle.
  • System tamper alert via SMS. In case someone tries to tamper with the gadget, it will automatically send 10 SMS continuously
  • Vehicle door status whenever door is opened and closed an alert message is sent to your phone
  • It has an internal battery back-up.

What happens in case of theft of motor vehicle? You need to first and foremost locate the current location of your vehicle. Then call us immediately for our timely advice or call the police. Remember that it is not our responsibility to track your vehicle. You do it yourself and that’s why you have a personal PIN which limits access to the gadget only to the owner and any other authorized persons by the owner.

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